Richard Summers-Calvert is a graduate of the Lincoln School of Performing Arts (BA hons) (2013).  Prior to finishing his studies Richard secured professional acting work with ‘Zest Theatre’, proceeding to tour the UK in their production of ‘Gatecrash’ as a leading role, immediately after graduating.

Shortly after, Richard decided to move into film.  After gaining experience in various short films that travelled the festival circuit, Richard obtained lead roles in various feature films, including ‘SEVEN DEVILS’ by Benjamin Rider and ‘SHOPPING CHANNELS’ by award winning director Hassan Ostmane-Elhaou and award winning writer George Miles.  Richard’s most recent role was a lead in Hollywood director Timothy A. Chey’s latest biblical epic ‘DAVID AND GOLIATH’ (Working title), which was filmed on location in Tunisia and set for release in March 2015.

 In training, Richard obtained high grades in basic stage combat (hand to hand/Rapier/Knife) and is trained in mixed martial arts.

 In his spare time Richard enjoys letting his creativity flow and keeping his mind active by writing his own scripts and studying his level 3 Diploma personal training course.

Richard has an upcoming role in the feature film ‘2025’ by Award winning author Linda Dunscombe.  Please see the website for more information:

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